Ann has a laser-like coaching technique which she uses in conjunction with clinically proven mind/body tools, creating amazing ah-ha moments and actionable strategies.

Ann is a master in clarifying the person’s perception of the situation and leading them to solutions they already had available but couldn’t quite identify on their own.

While her mastery of coaching is invaluable, I sometimes think the greater benefits others enjoy from her services result from her inner innate qualities and character. Her voice tells all. It comes from a place of calmness and clarity and as you soon find out – a desire to help others.

Ann also uses some of the latest technology and the highest quality herbal nutritionals to provide balance to her clients. You are certainly in good hands!
— Randy Fritz , Edmonton

Lifestyle Coaching  generally focuses on sustainable healthy lifestyle changes whereas Personal and/or life coaching can encompass a large range of issues for the client.   A LIFESTYLE coaching program specializes in health and fitness lifestyle changes, stress management and weight loss.  A PERSONAL COACHING program can cover personal, career,  emotional 'money-mind-blocks just to name a few.  Very often they overlap because all areas of our lives are usually entwined with each other.  The client decides what the focus of the coaching session will be, not the coach.  

The beauty of using a coaching model is that the CLIENT is in control of the subject matter of each session and the coach listens, observes, and asks well-crafted questions to enlighten and empower the client to come up with his or her own answers and plan of action.

New! Free Tapping into Wealth Clarity Session     (value $150)

The Tapping into Wealth coaching system along with Ann's intuitive skills and a clinically proven mind/body technique can effectively and permanently clear money-mind-blocks.   In this FREEintroduction to Tapping into Wealth Clarity session you will:

  • Identify your biggest obstacles that are holding you back from achieving financial stability and freedom.
  • Get clarity on what you need to focus on to move forward.
  • Receive an honest evaluation on what is possible for you and how far you can go based on your skills and goals.
  • Receive recommendations for strategy and immediate next steps to take.
  • Receive a recording of this amazing session so you can review the ah-ha moments, strategies and get even more clarity.

How Does Coaching Work?

The Language of Coaching

Coaching utilizes a specific crafting of language. It is usually in question form, which facilitates a deepened awareness, understanding and shift in the way a client thinks about a particular obstacle or goal--similar to the way a particular sport coach influenced you. This language crafting can create clarity and amazing ah-ha moments.  The whole premise of coaching is that the client is capable of change and accountable to him/herself, with the coach simply acting as a guide and sounding board.  The client and coach then work together to devise a clear plan of action to bring about the desired changes for the client.

Enlightening Feedback

A trained personal or lifestyle coach doesn't just ask questions, but also provides feedback that helps the client examine what he or she probably knows at some level but hasn't considered. This skill is closely tied to listening, since a coach must listen on all levels in order to pick up what's not being said. Enlightening feedback promotes further learning when it's free of the coach's bias. A trained coach will:

reflect what's heard to allow the client to sort through the nuances of his or her own thinking;

remain neutral to what the client takes from the feedback;

allow for silence so the client can process what he or she has heard or said.

help individuals create a life path on their own terms.


Clients like the convenience of lifestyle coaching because it can be done in person or via telephone. A typical coaching session is 30 minutes, once per week or two hours per month.

Coaching fees vary according to coaching frequency and length of contract and/or combination packages with biofeedback services.