Sunrider's philosophy of Regeneration:

"The Body will balance and heal itself when given

proper exercise, clean water, whole food nutrition and...

We assume responsibility for our own health"

Following the session (with Ann), I drank plenty of Sunrider Fortune Delight with Electrosport for minerals, gave Tarun (our son) Quinary straight from the package and his very first food was Vitadophil-sauce, the probiotic in an apple flake powder. In just a day or two he was great and despite being in a childcare germ factory once a week he wasn’t sick again for another 4 months. Luckily, I was able to get him to see Ann again and already the cough and inability to cry has passed. With the biofeedback and now supplementing Tarun’s diet with the Sunrider baby formula recipe, his nutritional levels are awesome and he is so strong and active.
— Joanne Yanke - JYYoga, Saskatoon

Twenty plus years ago, due to serious health challenges of my own including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc., that mainstream medicine was not able to address, I embarked on a quest for better health and happily found a whole-food herbal company that offered a simple philosophy:  


Simply stated, that philosophy says the body will create and maintain a healthy balance when:

  • given proper exercise, clean water and nutrition;
  • its nutrition comes from WHOLE FOODS, and;
  • we have taken responsibility for our own health.

After introducing the SR foods into my lifestyle, not only did my body recover from its diseased state, but it continued to regenerate and achieve energy levels I had not even felt as a teenager...and I lost 25 - 30 pounds of excess body fat.  Eating pure whole foods, was all I needed to do to become both healthy and slim.  My body did the rest. How much simpler could it be?

The Sunrider basic program of Nourish, Balance and Cleanse (Nuplus, Quinary and Calli and/or Fortune Delight) is where most people like to start, and where they will almost always notice quick and sometimes profound changes.

Depending on the various formulas, all the Sunrider products are highly concentrated, by combining seven to forty pounds of raw food grade herbs to make one pound of absolutely pure whole food nutrition.

Sunrider manufactures its own products under the strictest of conditions, in its family owned state of the art manufacturing facilities that have been built to meet pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to ensure the highestof purity and quality control, which is virtually unheard of in the FOOD industry.  

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Whether you are looking to improve your health and environment with the best possible nutritional, personal and home care products or adding a second income stream, Sunrider has something for everyone.
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Sunrider products Change Lives:


Ann's Story:

At the time I was first introduced to Sunrider, twenty some years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom with 4 young children. At that time, I had been suffering for about six years from chronic muscle and joint pain. Additionally, I was developing neurological symptoms including vision and balance problems, twitching nerves and muscles and suffered from extreme chronic fatigue.  I was constantly sick with throat, sinus and various other types of infections.  Each time the doctors would treat me,  I would recover from the infection but then my neurological and pain symptoms would become much worse.  Despite my many doctors testing me for everything they could think of, they could not come up with a diagnosis. One neurologist wrote on my chart "fibromyalgia??"  I was getting weaker and weaker and could barely muster the energy to cook a meal or get a load of laundry into the washer.

I felt that I was not going to be around much longer, and unbeknownst to me, my mother was of the same opinion.  She expressed her concern about my poor health to her friend Marg.  Marg came and introduced me to the Sunrider foods and gave me advice on how to get the best results (which I followed to a T).  

Within one to two weeks of introducing these amazing products into my life, my energy was beginning to come back and my pain was subsiding gradually.  Three months later, I was pain FREE!  Eight months later, I had more energy than I had had even as a child, and additionally, I lost somewhere between 25 and 30 pounds of unwanted fat!  My skin became clear and vibrant and to this day twenty years later, I regularly get compliments on my skin!  

I've been eating and using all the Sunrider products ever since and adjust my program as my life and situations change.  I love these foods and am so grateful for Dr. Chen's genius.

Sunrider and my family:

After my success with the products, my family was the next to benefit.

As a young family twenty years ago, we were regularly at the doctor's offices with ear and throat infections, which of course were treated with the usual antibiotics. By introducing SR, we no longer were making regular doctor office visits because we were able to fight off those bugs by strengthening our bodies with herbal whole foods.  

Other notable Humble family success stories include:

  • Our oldest son's 'lazy' eye repairing and correcting itself.

  • Our daughter who was a competitive trampolinist, healed a broken leg in half the normal time, enabling her to compete on trampoline and double mini trampoline, eight weeks after her accident.  Most experts and trainers would have expected her to be out of competition at least until the next season...

I hope you'll give your body the chance to experience regeneration.  It will thank you in ways you can't even imagine.      

Introduction to the Sunrider Basics

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My Fibromyalgia Story by Diana Herrington

I could no longer look after myself.  My independent lifestyle  was stripped away. I went from 130 to 94 pounds.  Being tired and in pain was my every day experience for fifteen years. Eventually I would sleep at least 12 hours every night, and never wake up refreshed.  I was so drained by the chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia that I became housebound.  Any physical activity created pain, and even walking from one room to another was a struggle.

I had become disabled. Even getting out of bed was an effort.  I didn't have the energy to change clothes or make my bed. Cutting up fruit for breakfast left me exhausted. After breakfast, it would be necessary to rest till lunchtime. I would struggle through lunch and dinner until the evening hours, and finally go to bed, often having a very painful night.

My New Life Story

I began dancing in life with more vitality and energy. In 1996 I did a six week regime of cleansing and rest at a fasting clinic, and my body finally seemed to begin to heal. Even though I was still non-functional and only 100 pounds, I was ecstatic! For the next three years I tried a number of treatments. Some of them helped a little, but I realised that I was on a plateau. I was still not functional but determined not to give up the possibility of living fully again.

My true recovery began in May, 2000. I came to understand the Sunrider whole food program and integrated specific Sunrider foods into my diet that were recommended by the ‘Vitality Analysis’. As I ate these foods a complete transformation began as my body healed. I loved eating these Chinese herbal foods.

Before Sunrider, I could hardly get out of bed, but I soon found myself taking long walks and was even able to return to an old passion - dancing! I knew in January 2002 that my health had returned completely when I took my dream holiday to India for five weeks. Many people are nervous about getting sick in India, but I had no difficulties whatsoever, and actually hiked up a mountain fuelled by these wonderful herbal foods.

Today, my friends and family are all surprised at my growing, glowing, healthy look. After nine and a half years of being on a disability pension, it is a relief and empowering to be earning an income again.

Diana Herrington - Edmonton, AB

Update:  Diana  currently hosts online groups: Healthy Cooking with over 416,000 members and Healthy Living Network with almost 424,000 members.  She is also a  Greenliving Author for Care’s almost twenty million members. Diana’s passion for real food has her writing a series of health-related e-books; two more to be launched in 2012.   Additionally, with her long-time friend and colleague, Randy Fritz she also co-hosts healthy cooking bootcamps and writes articles and is the head chef at

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Are Sunrider Products Organic?

Sometimes people are concerned that the Sunrider Foods do not have an organic label on them. What most people aren't aware of is that different countries, and even different states and provinces have varying standards for organic certification. SUNRIDER exceeds ALL of them.

Additionally after you've watched the video below, you will see that the organic label doesn’t always mean what we think it means.

I am NOT suggesting that all organic is not safe and not better than commercial food. I am raising the question of WHO do you trust to certify the safety of your food? Do you trust multinational organizations with your health?

Personally I trust Dr. Chen’s nearly fanatical approach to the highest quality food ever.

Sunrider buys their herbs (foods) from carefully selected farms that have been growing food without chemicals for generations. Then they test every shipment for possible contamination when it arrives. Dr. Chen has also spent millions of dollars on machinery that can actually pull out heavy metal traces from the foods.

Thank you Dr. Chen!