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Add Fitness to your Weight Loss Program with Sunrider's Fitness Brigade Pack:                                  $132 CDN + Tax & Shipping

  • 6-DVD set with 12 progressive workouts
  • Workout & Nutrition Guides
  • Fitness journal
  • Resistance bands
  • Measuring tape
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'The Big Picture' 12 Week Weight Loss Program $599:

Nutrition -- Exercise -- Biofeedback + Clinically Proven Mind/Body Techniques

  • Join at any time.  Your personal 12 week program begins at your convenience. 
  • Bring a friend (must join at same time) and get the second registration for 1/2 off!!!
  • Initial private consult session to discuss health and weight loss goals, best exercise program and nutritional plan.
  • 4 quantum biofeedback/nutritional (remote/distance) consults including:
    • 35 page Quantum Clarity Report to track progress and see where there are nutritional imbalances;
    • See how health  and stress challenges may be affecting weight loss.
    • Re-train the body's fight-or-flight stress responses to facilitate relaxed natural weight loss
  • Bi-weekly health/fitness tip webinar and check-in.
  • Access to the private ILS Facebook Weight Loss discussion group
  • For those interested in a customized whole food supplemental program, Vitality Analysis is available at an additional cost of $39.
  • On-going access to group coaching webinars and facebook discussion group after 12 week initial program ends.
  • Access to on-going shorter 4 week group challenges.